The showroom

Atelier of the past

Trust is the first and most important goal to which Manuela aims every time a new visitor crosses the threshold of her showroom: it is only in this way that she is able to dress her clients in a timeless style that will always be with them, from the choice of which Nùela wardrobe to select, to the decision of wanting to approach the uniqueness of tailor-made garments.

Showroom in Udine

via Vercelli, 1 - 33100 Udine (UD)

Showroom in Wien

Prinz Eugen Strasse, 6/2 - 1040 Wien (A)

It can happen

And it can happen that sometimes Manuela reveals "I've nothing for you right now" and then one day, even weeks later, she will telephone you saying "I've got just the perfect thing for you".
Total trust between designer and client, an empathy that gives the feeling of being at home and a careful look from someone who knows how to raise your self-esteem through valuable clothing and accessories: often unique pieces that remind you that you too are inimitable and that the outfit you are wearing is you.

Great labels

Style and elegance are expressed in clothes and accessories for both women and men of all ages looking for the exclusivity of creations hand-crafted in limited numbers.

Completing Manuela's offer, there are a few models from great Italian brands in the showroom, the fruit of a thorough search of the highest Made in Italy designers.

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