Front pageNùela outfits on the front page
of the Messaggero Veneto
Press conference Presentation of the Operetta Eternal Love
for which Manuela designed the costumes
OPERETTA ETERNAL LOVE Nùela created the outfits for the
opera by G. Gilleri and G. Gilleri

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Fashion event in Wien

14-17 march

Discover the next fashion event by Manuela Peressutti and Nuèla brand in the Wien showroom. Please download the invitation card. Prinz Eugen Strassen - Vienna (Austria) More info? Contact us at or call at +39 392 0618110

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Nùela in the Vienna showroom

29-30 November to 01-02 December

Manuela Peressutti will be with her brand Nuela at the Michele Top mode showroom to present her collection of handbags, shoes and clothes. The private event will be held in Vienna, Austria from November 29 to December 02.

"Eternal Love Operetta" at the Bobbio in Trieste an elegant anthology of famous arias

Fvg news Friuli Venezia Giulia, November 1, 2012

[...] elegant costumes by Manuela Peressutti are debuting on this occasion. Suggestive lighting by Claudio Schmid and video by Andrea Giacomin The “extra” completing the cast was both lovely and anonymous... [...]

Manuela: my design for belcanto

Messaggero Veneto, 10 October 2012

The article by Erica Culiat for the Messaggero Veneto.

[...] Silk voile. Satin. Sequins. Soft evening dresses Light. Impalpable. Flimsy. Two blacks. One red. One light blue. Daniela Mazzucato will wear them in the new Songspiel by Gianni Gori and Alessandro Gilleri, the Operetta, “Eternal Love” is billed on October 31 at the Bobbio in Trieste. [...]

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Nùela dresses on the front page of the Messaggero

10 October 2012

Costumes, created ​by Manuela Peressutti for the operetta eternal love, end up on the front page of the Messenger Veneto. The article by Erica Culiat presents the Friulian designer and her dream Nùela, thanks to which she began producing shoes and handbags with style and personality. The article [...]

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