Tailor-made clothes

Clothes which speak for themselves.

Craftsmanship and tailoring are the key words that Manuela Peressutti has used for Nùela.
Different types of people converge in her atelier including those who have never thought about the option of having a tailor-made outfit studied for them and then we add to that little by little starting with a small outfit and then finally coming to understand that tailoring is a pamper that will last forever.

The attention Manuela offers her customer, is sustained by the wisdom and skill of the tailors and seamstresses who work alongside her, making the outfit speak for itself; beauty and charm that is born from meticulousness adopted in designing a model which corresponds to the needs and personality of the client combined with the care in crafting the details, through the choice of the finest fabrics and the adaptation of the fit.

Male or female, the creation of a made-to-measure garment is the prelude to that great enthusiasm the designer likes to see in the eyes of the wearer.

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